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Our Team

Timothy Cai

I met Lawrence Reeves through Adam Trumpour last year, when I was looking for guidance on my active-control rocketry project. I was immediately drawn in by the technical and teamwork aspects of the Canadian CanSat design competition, so I began looking for potential members in my community. I currently organize tasks for my fellow members as the captain and handle the majority of the CAD and flight code.

Kentarou Howard

Having worked on a similar active control project to Timothy, I was intrigued when he mentioned his burgeoning satellite team. He just so happened to have an opening, and so I joined as the avionics lead, designing and assembling the satellite computer. I’m also able to apply my experience as the president of a successful FIRST Robotics team in our sponsorship communications.

Brian Zhou

I joined this team in search of a unique engineering experience, and I’ve found it in satellites. It’s amazing to meet new people and really apply myself to something I’m passionate about. I work on outreach, managing and creating content for the YouTube and TikTok channels, as well as assembling the yagi antenna.

Jessica Tang

Having had research experience in artificial intelligence, I was excited to expand my skill set and apply my passion to engineering projects as the GPS technician, obtaining tracking data from the CanSat in real-time. I hope to challenge myself while working alongside the rest of the team by developing a live- view GPS data visualizer.

Vhea He

After hearing about this competition from a friend, I thought that entering this competition would be a great opportunity to apply my skills in programming, as well as explore new fields in engineering. I will be working on tracking the satellite in real-time, parachute deployment as well as managing the team’s social media and community presence.

David Liu

I heard about the CSDC after it was brought up in conversation with friends. I believed the competition would be an excellent opportunity for me to apply and develop my programming knowledge. I contribute to the team as a member of the ground station software team as well as the team artist.